Why Pilgrimage?

Pilgrimage is a meaningful journey to a sacred place. It provides the opportunity to step out of the non-stop busyness of our lives, to seek a time of quiet and reflection. It gives us the chance to ‘walk through’ those issues that we have on our minds, whatever they might be. It is a time of simply ‘being’ rather than always ‘doing’.


join us in life-changing pilgrimage

Tour Guide

Quality is always at the first place. We make sure to have professional, licensed tour guide at your disposal.


No more worries about flight tickets, airport pick up, transfers, we are here for you! 


We are led by love and faith! Always doing our best to help each pilgrim.

Full package

When we organize pilgrimage we make sure that you will have everything needed for life-time changing pilgrimage!


Pilgrimage is a symbol of life. It makes us think of life as walking,  as a path. If a person does not walk, but instead stays still, this is not useful; it accomplishes nothing. Think of water: when water is not in the river, it does not course, but instead it remains still and stagnates. A soul that does not walk in life doing good, doing many things that one must do for society, to assist others, or who does not walk through life seeking God and inspiration from the Holy Spirit, is a soul that finishes in mediocrity and in spiritual poverty. Please: do not stand still in life!"
Pope Francis


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